Montgomery County Maryland

1026733 - Federal Government Issue Formulation, Strategy Development and Public Advocacy Consulting for Department of Economic Development.

Please contact Tina Benjamin (240-777-2006) with questions or to receive a copy of the informal solicitation.

Montgomery County, Maryland has a strong and well-known life sciences industry, a growing presence of public and private sector cybersecurity resources, and an extensive transportation network. It is critical for the County to continue to protect and enhance these economic development attributes by: 1) identifying legislative and budgetary actions at the Federal level that will impact these assets; and 2) developing and implementing a Federal relations strategy to proactively foster the County’s most critical economic development resources, most notably life sciences, cybersecurity, and transportation.

Montgomery County is seeking the services of a qualified professional consulting company to:
  • Formulate the parameters of the County’s critical economic development issues – life sciences, cybersecurity and transportation - impacted by Federal actions;
  • develop a strategy to address these issues; and
  • influence these matters through advocacy and legislative marketing.
The contract resulting from this solicitation will result in a three-prong program consisting of the following:
  1. Issue Formulation: articulate the impact the Federal government -- its legislative and executive functions – has on life sciences, cybersecurity and transportation. Delineate the Federal agency, division within that agency, and specific legislation and/or authorization that plays a role in the described issues. Identify key Federal decision-makers with respect to these economic development matters.
  2. Strategy Development: Working with the County’s Office of Intergovernmental Relations and the Department of Economic Development, develop a proactive strategy to influence Federal actions relative to the County’s life sciences, cybersecurity and transportation priorities. Such a strategy should be based on Federal policy, budgetary and programmatic facts and trends, and should identify specific actions for the County, its agencies and the selected contractor to jointly pursue.
  3. Federal Advocacy and Marketing: implement the above strategic plan through intelligence gathering, targeted relationship building, Federal legislative monitoring, and most importantly, through direct marketing and advocacy at the Federal level that will result in beneficial actions and impacts on the County’s above described economic development resources.