Montgomery County Maryland

1026436 - Child Welfare Clinical Consultation and Training Services

Please contact Henry Carrero (240-777-3406) with questions or to receive a copy of the informal solicitation

The County seeks to improve the protection, health and safety of children by increasing the community’s understanding of child maltreatment issues and the government’s role in addressing child abuse and neglect, as well as the community’s responsibilities in promoting child well-being. The Contractor must establish a County approved program to provide Clinical Consultation and Training Services for the Montgomery County Child Welfare Services Division (CWS) programs. As part of this program of services, the Contractor must:
  1. Provide consultation services for social workers and community service aides on cases relating to child neglect and/or child abuse in Montgomery County;
  2. Maintain a working relationship with program staff of CWS throughout the term of the Contract resulting from this solicitation, to include, but not limited to, meeting with County staff as requested by the County;
  3. Provide pertinent clinical training and workshops in the areas of child maltreatment, family preservation, the effects and treatment of primary and secondary trauma, and other significant clinical issues;
  4. Provide the required services to professionally trained clinical staff working with diverse ethnic backgrounds of client populations;
  5. Assist the CWS’ program staff in utilizing the “team concept” in service delivery and in providing home-based and out-of-home treatment services to clients of the County; and
  6. Be available to the CWS’ program staff by phone for emergency consultation services 24 hours a day, seven days per week, throughout the term of the Contract.