Montgomery County Maryland

1039819 - Cleaning, Decontamination and Sanitizing Vehicles and Buildings

Please contact Greg Dilla (240-773-0520) with questions or to receive a copy of the informal solicitation.

The Contractor must:

  • Be available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, to respond to requests from the Contract Administrator or designee
  • Respond to the site requiring cleaning service within 3 hours of request by the Contract Administrator or designee
  • Clean and decontaminate any police or sheriff vehicle and any police or County facility, as requested
  • Clean and decontaminate vehicles on-site, except in cases where specialized equipment is needed to treat the contaminant or substance, as requested
  • Clean, deodorize, and decontaminate the following:
    1. Smoke, to include cigarette smoke and ash
    2. Fingerprint dust
    3. Tear gas, QC (oleoresin capsicum) Spray or similar hazardous agents
    4. Fire extinguisher spray
    5. Ants, roaches, mice or other pests
    6. Mold and mold spores
    7. Bodily Fluids -including but not limited to: vomit, feces, mucous, saliva, blood

The Contractor must also clean, deodorize and decontaminate for pathogens, including but not limited to: mold, viruses, bacteria, (staph, MRSA, HIV, H1N1), etc., that may be found in bodily fluids and blood, using agents specifically designed to decontaminate for these biological substances and pathogens. The Contractor must provide a list of cleaning and decontamination agents to the County with the bid.