Montgomery County Maryland
Solicitation: 1015066 - Design/Install Conveyor System and Racks
Scope: a. Provide detailed design drawings of new elevated work platforms similar to existing systems. Provide detailed design drawings of new liquor/wine conveyor systems and beer conveyor systems. Also, provide detailed design drawings of new pallet storage equipment and layout.

b. Provide a detail project schedule which includes planning for how the systems can be installed and the move can be made without any substantial disruption of operations.

c. Provide a detailed plan on how to reuse some of the existing liquor/wine conveying equipment and some existing storage equipment with minimal disruption of operations.

d. Provide a detailed plan to legally remove and dispose of all existing elevated work platforms, storage and conveyor equipment not being reutilized and currently located at 16650 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville. Include a project time schedule for completion.

e. Provide all labor, tools, transportation, controls, equipment, project management, wiring, pneumatic connections and equipment, etc. to provide and install fully functioning systems.

f. Provide local 24 hour a day emergency service maintenance support. One hour guaranteed response time is required after initial phone call for service from MCDLC.

g. Provide a comprehensive preventive maintenance visit 60 days after job completion. Each conveyor is to be inspected and adjusted for optimum performance. A written inspection report must be submitted for each and every conveyor in all systems. See attached proposed inspection report on page 35.

h. The Contractor must provide MCDLC three (3) complete sets of drawings/blueprints of the proposed material handling systems, with a list of all materials to be used and the load capacities and velocities of these materials and systems.

i. The Contractor must install and bring to functional status all material handling systems meeting all OSHA safety standards within 300 calendar days from “Notice to Proceed from the County.”

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