Montgomery County Maryland
Solicitation: 1023819 - Web Support Services for the Office of Public Information
Scope: The County is seeking a qualified company or individual to provide on-going Web site and intranet assistance. Assistance is to be provided to the Montgomery County Public Information Office (PIO) to manage content and oversee issues related to the County Internet Web site and intranet site. The majority of the services to be provided will involve assisting in the management of the look, feel and use of the County Web site. Services will, to a lesser extent, include working with the County’s Department of Technology Services (DTS) to resolve technical issues to ensure optimal accessibility and performance. The County estimates that 20 hours per week will be required and that it will be necessary for services to be performed on-site, with the exception of emergency changes to the County Web site, which may be required after hours and on weekends from the Contractor’s place of business.
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