Montgomery County Maryland
Solicitation: 1023432 - Stone, Rip Rap, and Backfill Materials
Scope: The intent of this bid is to establish a requirements contract for supplying Montgomery County with its estimated requirements of Stone, Rip Rap, and Backfill Materials for use by the Department of Transportation, Division of Highway Services. Materials furnished under the terms of the contract shall conform to the Maryland State Highway Administration Standard Specification for Construction and Materials, July 2008, and revisions and additions thereto, and any other specifications as referenced in Section D of this solicitation. On most occasions the Contractor will be required to deliver materials to the County Depots. On some occasions the County may elect to pick up the materials at the Contractor’s site. When materials are being loaded onto County vehicles, it must be free of clots, lumps and other miscellaneous debris. All materials must be free of any asbestos.
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