Montgomery County Maryland
Solicitation: 1027152 - Multi-Disciplinary Architectural, Landscape Architectural and Engineering Services
Scope: Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs intends to enter into two (2) contracts with two (2) responsible firms (Consultants) that will provide architectural, engineering, landscape-architectural, urban design and planning services for the neighborhoods and commercial areas as designated by the County. The services will include, but not be limited to, the preparation of plans, specifications, technical reports, public meetings and presentations, analyses, conceptual drawings and sketches, design development, construction documents, assistance in construction bidding, construction inspection and other professional services for residential and commercial buildings, sites, including public streets/parks, and private properties/alleys. The nature of such projects for the neighborhoods and commercial areas may vary considerably - from fašade renovations to the adaptive reuse of existing buildings, from a simple concrete sidewalk in a neighborhood, to a more complex streetscape design in a central business district and/or public utility relocation or minor modification to the underground placement of overhead electrical, cable TV, and telephone lines.
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