Montgomery County Maryland
Solicitation: 1027232 - Internal Audit Services
Scope: The Contractors must be able to conduct the full range of internal audit services for the County’s Executive Branch departments, offices, and agencies. The Scope of Services includes financial audit, attestation audits and performance audits as defined by Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards. Historically, many audits performed by the Office of Internal Audit have been performance audits and have been performed in two phases, a planning phase and an implementation (field work) phase.

The contractors must have significant expertise and experience in audits that involve information technology and related systems. Other audit areas that can be the subject of required audits include entity-wide risk assessments, individual risk assessments, compliance reviews, internal control reviews, fiscal and contract, and forensic. A contractor may also be requested to perform services that are considered non-audit services as defined by Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.
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