Montgomery County Maryland
Solicitation: 1029112 - Printing of Parking Ticket Books & Parking Garage Tickets
  1. Item 1 - Parking Ticket Books (750 books per order)
    The work involves the printing of a four (4) part form, which includes as one of the four parts a preaddressed mailer envelope with serialized control (ticket) numbers preprinted on each copy and on the mailer envelope attached to the third (violatorís) copy of each form set. The four part form with mailer constitutes one Parking Violation (ticket). The tickets are to be assembled in books of 25 each. Carbon Crash printing is not acceptable for the serialized control numbers. Books consists of 25 three-part tickets with a mailer, an inside cover, printed one side and an outside flap cover. All are stapled with two staples in stub.
  2. Item 2 - Electronic Swipe Cashier Tickets/Receipts
    • Ticket Type 1 (48 rolls per order) - Type 1 (Garage 7) receipt will be used with Venteck International pay by space equipment.
    • Ticket Type 2/ Garage 49 (100 packs per order) - Type 2 ticket will be used with a Magnetic Model MIB-30 ticket dispenser equipment.
    • Ticket Type 2/COB Garage (8 packs per order) - Type 2 ticket will be used with a Cincinnati Time Recorder Ticket #D86355 or equal.
    • Ticket Type 3 (84 - 100 packs per order) - Type 3 tickets will be used with Orion Entry/Exit Station POF with the Zeag Parking read/write UCD device. Equipment with Automatic dispensers with magnetic encoding feature.
    • Ticket Type 4 (2,667 packs per order) - Type 4 ticket will be used with an AutoCite series D hand held computer for enforcement parking services
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