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Montgomery County Maryland
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Frequently Asked Questions:


Please read the following Instructions and check off each component as completed.

Application Instructions:

  1. Carpool members must travel a direct inbound route to the parking district. No member may live within the parking district.

  2. Carpool must be 2 or more members, pooling a minimum of 3 days per week.

  3. Carpools of 5 or more are FREE. All members must be in the vehicle when entering garage/lot, and all members must work in the parking district. All vehicles used in the pool and all tag numbers must appear on the reverse side of the carpool application.

  4. Principal driver (account holder) must complete the carpool application (both sides).

  5. Each member completes a rideshare application.

  6. All members of pool, including driver, must have their supervisor complete a work verification form.

  7. All members of pool, including driver, must provide verification of home address. One of the following proofs are acceptable:

    a. Driver's license (if new address) a change of address form must accompany the driver's license;

    b. Car registration;

    c. Voter registration card/Deed/Lease/Settlement Form/Payroll stubs reflecting home address.

  8. A Card Key Agreement must be signed by the principal driver of the carpool for all Cashier/Attendant operated facilities (form in Application Kit).


1. Carpool application _______
2. Rideshare application(s) _______
3. Work Verification Sheet   _______
4. Proof of Residence _______
5. Card Key Agreement
   (If applicable)

Packets must be complete in order to serve you best. Please use check-off list above. Incomplete applications will delay your permit.

Should you have any changes in your pool (additions, deletions, etc..) you must notify commuter services at (301) 565-5870 immediately to keep your pool in valid status.


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