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Councilmember Nancy Navarro: Community Newsletter

Councilmember Nancy Navarro:
"...Rolling Up My Sleeves"

Community Newsletter - Summer 2009

Dear Neighbor,

Nancy Navarro at the Leisure World July 4th Parade, with Leisure World Resident Jay Harding
Nancy Navarro at the Leisure World July 4th Parade
I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself as the newly elected District 4 representative on the Montgomery County Council. I look forward to reaching out to all members of the community and providing the steady, responsive representation that the late Councilmembers Marilyn and Don Praisner were so well-known for. I hope you'll provide your input and come to me with the issues of concern to you, because I am humbled to be able to give back to the community that has been so wonderful to my family for the past two decades.

In the meantime, I'm rolling up my sleeves, so please read about some of the initiatives we have already kicked off. Also, stay tuned for the announcement of a schedule of community conversations I will be hosting throughout our neighborhoods.

Thanks so much!

Nancy Navarro's Signature

P.S. Please let me know about any upcoming community events or meetings that you would like me to attend. My staff have also been diligently working on solving a range of constituent issues. Please do not hesitate to seek the assistance of my office. My contact information is below.
How to Contact Me:

Email: councilmember.navarro@montgomerycountymd.gov
Web: www.NancyNavarro.info
Phone: (240) 777-7968

Councilmember Nancy Navarro
100 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850

Meet Your Councilmember

Meet Councilmember Nancy Navarro at the North White Oak Civic Association Meeting on Wednesday August 26, 2009 – 7:30pm at White Oak Library. [More Info]

Establishing a Vision for District 4
Before I was elected to the Council, I talked about advancing a vision for District 4 that would include quality amenities, a walkable community, transit service, and preservation of green space. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to start working on that vision, and we have some early signs to show for it.

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  • Protecting the Character of Our Retail Zones: One of my first acts as a Councilmember has been to sponsor a bill to clarify the permitted uses of land in Burtonsville. There has been some disagreement about what the County intended to do with its land use regulations, and my bill would clarify that Burtonsville was intended to have a mix of uses aimed at fostering employment and other goals. This was the position of the County's Planning Board, who did not believe the County's regulations intended to allow a second self-storage facility to be located in Burtonsville. The County Executive has made Burtonsville redevelopment a priority, and I have long joined the call of the community for high quality amenities that conform to the County's intention of creating a variety of land uses in Burtonsville. A self-storage facility would be counter to that intent, in an area where the County's vision is to promote streetscapes, town center aesthetics, and other improvements. The neighbors, civic associations, and small business owners are unanimous in their belief that a second self-storage facility would violate the intent of the Burtonsville Overlay Zone, and I am pleased to work with them on fostering a shared vision for Burtonsville's future. Read the Gazette coverage of my bill: [HERE]
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  • Protecting Our Greenspace: At my urging, this month the County Council also approved (7-0) the acquisition of 52.88 acres of land for Fairland Park. The land, which was slated to be developed into 109 housing units, will now be preserved in its natural state. The funding for this purchase came from a fund restricted for use with land acquisition for public purposes. Located only 1.5 miles from the ICC, this land consists of delicate forest and bogland, and its preservation was backed by the Sierra Club of Montgomery County, the Audubon Naturalist Society, the East County Citizens Advisory Board, and many others. Read the Gazette coverage of this preservation effort: [HERE]
Over the coming months, I also hope to create a transit plan for District 4. I believe doing so is critical to relieving some of our traffic problems, saving the environment by reducing auto use, and bringing jobs to the East County. This will almost certainly be a long-term challenge and an uphill battle for funding, but I hope to start the dialogue soon and get our neighborhoods their fair share of public transportation funding.

Stimulus Funding: Notably, District 4 was the location of one of the first projects to receive federal stimulus dollars. [Read More Here] Crafting a comprehensive vision for our community will ensure that the East County continues to receive investment, while these initiatives will be key to ensuring the revitalization of neighborhoods like Burtonsville and Glenmont. [Read More Here]

Key Votes

I have had the opportunity to weigh in on a few key issues of concern to residents of our community that I wanted to share with you:

No Ambulance Fees: After listening to the concerns of many residents, particularly senior citizens, I voted against charging insurance companies for ambulance fees in Montgomery County. Too many feared that the costs would be passed on in the form of higher premiums, and that this could create a disincentive for residents to access critical care. Find out more: [HERE]

Library Book
Free Library Parking: I am proud to have co-sponsored successful legislation that maintained Montgomery County's practice of providing two hours free parking at various community libraries. In this economy, library usage has skyrocketed, and residents are increasingly using these facilities for job searches, internet access, video rentals, and reading material for entertainment. More and more students also spend their time at libraries after school hours, as they often have parents who are at work, or simply to study and take advantage of programs at the library. Find out more: [HERE]

Congratulations to New Appointees

Eastern Montgomery Regional Services Center Director Joy Nurmi
Joy Nurmi, former Chief of Staff to District 4 Councilmembers Marilyn and Don Praisner, is the new director of the Eastern Montgomery Regional Services Center located in Burtonsville on Briggs Chaney Road. The Eastern Montgomery Regional Services Center links Montgomery County Services to its 111,250 citizens and businesses in a 47.5 square mile area that includes Burtonsville, Colesville, Cloverly, Fairland, and White Oak communities. The Center also coordinates local initiatives and community problem solving, offers meeting rooms for public use, provides welcome packets for new residents, and manages the site selection process for County facilities. Find out more: [HERE]

District 5 Board of Education Member Michael Durso & Student Member Tim Hwang
Congratulations are also in order for former Springbrook High School Principal Michael Durso, who has been appointed to fill my vacancy on the Board of Education, as well as newly elected student member Tim Hwang. I look forward to working with them in the upcoming year! Find out more: [HERE]

Planning Board Member Marye Wells Harley
Congratulations to District 4 resident, Marye Wells Harley, for her recent appointment to the Montgomery County Planning Board. I was pleased to vote for her candidacy and look forward to working with her on ensuring our community's concerns are heard, and that we advance sustainable smart growth and infrastructure improvements throughout the County. Find out more: [HERE]

Last but not least, I was pleased to recommend Leisure World resident Marian Altman for a vacant spot on the Mid-County Citizens Advisory Board (MCCAB). County Executive Ike Leggett agreed with the importance of ensuring a voice for seniors on the Board and forwarded her name to the County Council for approval. I am excited to announce that this week, my colleagues unanimously approved her appointment. Marian will bring the voice of so many seniors both inside and outside of Leisure World to MCCAB. I look forward to working with her on ensuring the voices of seniors are always at the table when it comes to County decisions. Find out more: [HERE]

A Moment of Remembrance

Stuart Rochester
Stuart Rochester: Chairman of the Fairland Master Plan Committee, and longtime civic activist Dr. Stuart Rochester died on July 29, 2009. Mr. Rochester was an outspoken Burtonsville resident who fought for strengthening the business districts and neighborhoods in the Fairland Planning Area. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Rochester on land use issues for Burtonsville almost immediately upon my taking office, and he remained dedicated to this work even as his health declined. Mr. Rochester was an important voice for East County issues and residents, and his tireless advocacy will be missed. Find out more: [HERE]

Blair Ewing
Blair Ewing: Former Council and Board of Education Member Blair Ewing passed away on June 30, 2009. Blair spent his entire career working for the public at the federal government, the Montgomery County School Board, and the County Council. As the immediate past President of the Board of Education, and now as a Councilmember, I recognize the nature of his commitment on behalf of the residents of this County. He was the personification of the dedicated “good citizen”. Mr. Ewing will be greatly missed by his Montgomery County family. Find out more: [HERE]

Helpful County Services

    Information on Services for Seniors [HERE]

    Information on Services for Small Business Owners [HERE]

    Information on Free Summer Lunches for Youths [HERE]

    Information on Constituent Services [HERE]

    Free Legal Advice Clinic THIS THURSDAY 8/6 @ 5:30 pm [HERE]

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