MCFRS News Release

Child Passenger Safety Advocate Appointed

Rockville Resident to Serve Two-Year Term

The National Child Passenger Safety (NCPS) Board recently welcomed four new members to serve as child passenger safety advocates while representing their respective organizations and/or agencies. Montgomery County Fire Chief Tom Carr is proud to announce that Emilie Crown, Program Manager, Child Passenger Safety Program, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service has been selected to serve in this important capacity. In addition to Mrs. Crown the following persons were appointed to two year terms effective January 1, 2006:

Sharon Bilbrey, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Little Rock, AR, At-Large; Yvonne Holguin-Duran, University Health System / San Antonio Safe Kids Coalition, San Antonio, TX, Diversity; Paul Rizzo, Schaumburg Police Department, Schaumburg, IL, National Law Enforcement; and Emilie Crown, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, Rockville, MD, CPS Advocate.

Emilie Crown is a graduate of Goucher College and attended Graduate School at Stanford University. She is presently the Program Manager for the Montgomery County (Maryland) Child Passenger Safety Program, a position she has held for nearly 6 years. She is a Registered Nurse, a Certified Emergency Nurse and among other things is certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician, as well as a CPS Instructor. She is an active member of the Emergency Nurses Association, a Past President and currently serves as Treasurer. Her husband and a son are Montgomery County firefighters.

Montgomery County, Maryland is one of the few jurisdictions in the country to have a position specifically dedicated to a CPS program. In July 2005, the program and Mrs. Crown were transferred to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS). Annually, nearly 9,000 car child safety seats are installed and inspected through this effort, many at the MCFRS SafeKids Child Safety Seat Inspection Station in Aspen Hill, Fitzgerald Auto, in Rockville or fire stations throughout the county.

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) is a full spectrum life safety agency protecting nearly 1 million people who live and work in Maryland’s most populous jurisdiction. The MCFRS is a combination system (career/volunteer), operating with a budget of about $160 million, comprised of over 2000 career uniformed personnel, professional civilian staff and volunteers.

As part of the National CPS Board Emilie will help provide program direction and technical guidance to states, communities and organizations as a means to maintain a credible, standardized child passenger training and certification program as it relates to child passenger safety and injury prevention throughout the United States.

Members of the NCPS Board work collaboratively with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), who has the ultimate authority over the specific training curriculums, and with the Certifying Body, who has ultimate authority over the certification and re-certification processes. The Board channels insight from their representative organizations to NHTSA and the Certifying Body. Membership on the NCPS Board is for a period of two (2) years. The two-year terms of membership are staggered so that the entire Board is not replaced at one time.

Members representing Child Passenger Safety Advocates; Diversity; National Nursing Organizations; National Law Enforcement Organizations; State Injury Prevention/Public Health organizations; CPS Advocates and At-Large members are selected through a competitive, national open application process.

Members representing AAA, National Safety Council (the administrative agency), American Academy of Pediatrics, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Headquarters, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Regions, National Safe Kids Campaign, Governor's Highway Safety Association, vehicle manufacturers, child restraint manufacturers, and insurance companies are appointed to the Board by their organization/alliance and are not subject to an open application process.

Montgomery County Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations are preferably for residents only. Scheduled appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am until noon and on the 1st Saturday of the month from 9am - 1pm. These activities take place at the MCFRS/SAFE KIDS Child Safety Seat Inspection Station located at 14111 Georgia Avenue Aspen Hill, MD 20906.

Non-county residents are welcome to participate in Fitzgerald Auto Mall's monthly (no appointment needed) seat check in Rockville. Call Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service Child Passenger Safety Hotline, 240-777-2222 to get the next date and phone numbers for other inspection sites.