MCFRS News Release

Montgomery County Fire Fighters "Spring Into Action"

Creating a Culture of Preparedness and Safety
“Sounds of Silence – Could be Tragic”

The message is simple – check smoke alarms and have an escape plan.

A “Spring Into Action” campaign will focus on all Montgomery County residents to be reminded to change the battery in their smoke alarm when they change their clock to reflect daylight savings time this coming weekend, April 2, 2006.

Get into a life saving habit – “Change Your Clock – Change Your Battery”.

Remember – The Message Is Simple:

Unfortunately, each year people die in residential fires that were started by preventable causes, such as unattended cooking, improperly discarded smoking materials, candles left burning unattended, space heaters, and child fire play. These are lives that can be saved. Smoke alarms save lives!

Citizens and residents that combine common sense fire and injury prevention habits with a working smoke alarm will increase the probability that even if a fire should ever occur in their home, that every will get out alive. Help us to help you, ensure you have at least one working smoke alarm in your home and plan an escape plan with your family. “Spring Into Action.”

When home fire sprinklers are used with working smoke alarms, your chances of surviving a fire are greatly increased. Sprinklers are affordable - they can increase property value and lower insurance rates. In addition, a one-time property tax break is available for those who “retro-fit” their homes. Montgomery County is the largest jurisdiction in the United States to require residential sprinklers in all newly constructed homes.

Firefighters want all residents to know to always remember - If a fire starts in your home GET OUT and call 911 IMMEDIATELY closing the door to the room on fire as you go! DO NOT DELAY as fire doubles in size every minute.

For more information or if you are a Montgomery County resident and would like a FREE home safety evaluation call the Safety in Our Neighborhood – Home Inspection Hotline at 240.777.2476.