MCFRS News Release

Man Pulled from Burning Car

Gaithersburg Motorist Stops to Render Aid on Easter Morn

On Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006 a passing motorist pulled an injured driver from a burning car. Around 5:30 a.m. on that date a vehicle struck a building near the intersection of Muncaster Mill Road and Shady Grove Road, in Derwood. After striking the fire station building, the car proceeded to cross a grassy area, hit a tree, traversed a roadway and then crashed into a concrete drainage culvert across the street and then burst into fire. The driver who was eventually pulled from the burning vehicle suffered from serious injury.

Mr. Hugh Bailey, of Gaithersburg was traveling along in the 7200 block of Muncaster Mill Road on his way to Easter morning services at the nearby People’s Community Baptist Church when he saw the final collision and aftermath of the aforementioned destruction. Mr. Bailey witnessed an erratic driving pattern of a Jeep type vehicle leaving the area in front of the fire station at one corner of Muncaster Mill Road and Shady Grove Road. The car crashed in an area off the roadway a short distance away not far from the northeast corner of the intersection.

Mr. Bailey called 911 from his cell phone to report the crash and fire. He then repositioned his vehicle to see that the wreck was serious and the driver was obviously injured. As the fire intensified, Mr. Bailey, without regard for his own safety, then proceeded to the car and pulled the stunned victim from the burning vehicle. A passing Montgomery County police officer, Police Captain Luther Reynolds arrived moments later with a fire extinguisher. Together they rendered aid until the arrival of firefighters.

It appears that after crashing the vehicle into the apparatus bay door of Fire Station #28, the driver of the damaged car knocked on the door of the firehouse before getting back into his vehicle and driving off across towards Muncaster Mill Road. Moments later he crashed into a concrete drainage culvert across the street. Damage to the fire station apparatus bay door was significant. The resultant collision also rendered the parked ambulance inside the firehouse incapable of responding on the call. Damage to the ambulance was significant.

Simultaneously on-duty firefighters at the station were alerted by emergency radio dispatch (as a result of Mr. Bailey’s 911 call) as well as by other firefighters arriving at the station for duty. Capitan Reynolds also called for assistance via radio. Fire and rescue units responded and extinguished the fire. The injured victim was transported to an area trauma center with serious and multiple injuries.

Montgomery County Police are investigating the circumstances of the crash.

In the meantime, Mr. Hugh Bailey, of Gaithersburg is being credited for saving the life of the man involved in the wreck.