MCFRS News Release

Be Safe with BBQ Grills

When You Practice Gas Grill Safety,
The Only Thing You Might Burn Are Your Buns.

Grilling out is great fun for the family, but there are several things you should know to ensure your activity is safe this Memorial Day Weekend and beyond.

In Montgomery County, unless you live in a house, it is illegal to:

Here are a few safety tips:

Remember, when cooking out - ALWAYS open the hood before lighting the grill. ALWAYS keep the grill in a safe area away from children, pets and heavy people traffic where someone could bump into it. NEVER try to grill inside. Use caution if you grill on a deck attached to a house. It is best to grill 20 feet away from any structure. Grilling in an enclosed area such as the garage even with the door open can be very dangerous. Remember that Carbon Monoxide is being produced when anything burns, even gas grills.