MCFRS News Release

Potentially Dangerous Fire Conditions

Montgomery County Fire Marshal Mike Love is urging caution with any open burning and outdoor fires. Residents should especially take extra care when burning of brush, limbs and tree trimmings or even when using outdoor BBQ grills. We ask that residents restrain from any open burning, including outdoor barbeques, if possible. Smokers are urged to be extra careful disposing and discarding smoking materials.

The wildfires continue to burn in the western states resulting in one of the worst fire seasons ever. Locally, the brush fire season started early and the rains of a few weeks ago did little to help the deficit. Things are dry. This has created an extremely dangerous threat of area brush fires and wildfires in Montgomery County and throughout the region. This is especially more dangerous with the existence of windy conditions.

With the Summer season now coming to a close, the dry and warm weather continues to exist. With warmer weather comes dry vegetation that can result in brush fires that burn and spread quickly.

Again – smokers are urges to use care with any and all lighted materials. Dispose of used cigarettes properly.

It is important to take into consideration some landscaping and home maintenance tips to ensure safe surroundings.

Smokers should use extra care in discarding smoking materials.

Landscaping Tips

Home Maintenance Tips