MCFRS News Release

WARNING - Flash Flooding and Severe Weather Possible

Many Roads in Montgomery County Susceptible to Flooding

When it rains heavily, there may be flash floods, flood warnings and flood watch’s issued. Flash floods more often occur in mountain streams, hilly areas or flooding of dry washes. But they do happen in urban and suburban areas like Montgomery County, as well. Flash floods can occur even though it's not raining where you are. It may be raining hard farther upstream. It is raining so hard, water can not sink into the ground. It rushes down the mountainside, hilly area or paved areas to the stream. The stream can't carry all the water, so it floods.

A flash flood may come at you as a high wave of water. And it moves fast as an express train. Chances are you won't have time to get out of its way, unless you have a plan. If your car is trapped, get out. Move to higher ground. You may lose your car, but you'll save your life. If you're driving through a hilly area or place that is subject to flooding along a stream and hear a flash flood warning, go to high ground - don't try to outrun the flash flood.

Watch for flooding at bridges and dips in the road. Never drive where water is over bridges or roads. All of a sudden the bridges or the road could be washed out.

They may not even be there under the water. If you're driving at night be especially careful. Usually you can't see very well because of the wind and rain. If you should drive into water, don't try to drive out of it. Get out of the car. Scramble to higher ground.

Keep out of storm drains in the suburbs and country. Don't play in irrigation ditches, dry washes or other waterways. These places can be dangerous even in fair weather. When it rains the water can get deep fast and the current can be very strong.

There will probably be deadly lightning. When you go to higher ground, stay off hilltops. Don't get under lone trees. Be smart - remember warnings about what to do, and not to do, when there's lightning. DON’T DROWN – TURN AROUND !