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RECENT STUDY: Many Homes Have Smoke Alarms, But Few Residents Practice Escape Plans

"Please Abide - Pull Aside"

A new study found that many people have smoke alarms in the home but that about half have fire escape plans and few practice those escape plans. New data from the April issue of Public Health Reports showed that ninety-five percent (95%) of surveyed households reported at least one installed smoke alarm. In Montgomery County, on May 7, 2007 two elderly residents of Kensington died in an early morning house fire. The home did not have smoke alarms.

Recent surveys after serious fires in Montgomery County find that about half of the smoke alarms checked are inoperable. The data published by Public Health Reports also suggested that only fifty-two percent (52%) had a fire escape plan.

The data published in the Public Health Reports magazine also showed that only fifteen percent (15%) test their alarms once a month and only sixteen percent (16%) of homes with an escape plan actually practice it every six months. In light of the study, the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service is recommending that residents test fire alarms on a monthly basis and practice escape plans with the entire family.

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Any Montgomery County resident may receive a free smoke alarm and/or a home safety evaluation by calling the Fire Safety Hotline at 240.777.2476.