MCFRS News Release

Grand Opening - New Fire/Rescue Station in Germantown Area

First new station with expanded fire and rescue service in over 25 years

In March 2009 the Germantown/Kingsview, Fire Station 22, became fully operational serving the surrounding community.  The Grand Opening ceremony will take place on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 11 a.m. at the new fire station located at 18910 Germantown Road near the intersection of Germantown Road (Route 118) and Clopper Road (Route 117).

On Thursday, November 29, 2007 ground was broken for one of several new fire and rescue stations to be built in the next couple of years in the upcounty area of Montgomery County. The Germantown/Kingsview fire station is the first completely new fire and rescue station with expanded emergency service to be built in Montgomery County in over 25 years.

The Germantown greater area previously had one fire rescue station, Fire Station 29, serving a population of approximately 86,000.  Fire Station 29, located at 20001 Crystal Rock Drive, serves a first due area of about 28 square miles, including Germantown, Boyds, Clarksburg and areas south and west.  In the last decade or so there has been a rapid population growth and added development and no new fire and rescue facilities to serve the call load in this area has been added since the 1980’s.

The original building serving this area, Fire Station 29 was opened on January 7, 1981, as a sub-station to Hyattstown's Fire Station 9.  Twenty years ago, in 1988, an additional apparatus bay, a new enlarged commercial kitchen, 10 more bunks, and a separate women's shower and dressing room were added with a remodeling in order to better serve the growing community.

In February 2000, the Montgomery County Council approved amendments to the Fire, Rescue, and EMS Master Plan, including recommendations to build two new fire stations in Germantown (east and west).  In February 2001, the recommended site near the intersection of Germantown Road and Clopper Road was approved.

In November 2005 an interim fire and rescue station was opened in an existing warehouse facility in an industrial area in Clarksburg to serve the growing area between Germantown and Hyattstown.  This was a newly delivered service to this area, the first in decades for the County, but the new fire and rescue station in Clarksburg has yet to be built and is still in the planning stage.

The new Germantown/Kingsview Fire Station, designated as Fire Station #22, has six (6) apparatus bays, separate administrative and living spaces, private quarters, support spaces, and encompass 16,150 square feet. The one-story fire station is situated on a 3.9 acre lot and the total construction costs (including land purchase) was about eleven (11) million dollars.

The initial planned apparatus/staffing assignments and equipment complements will include one (1) engine staffed with four persons including a paramedic and a basic life support (BLS) ambulance unit staffed with two personnel, along with an EMS Duty Officer (supervisor).  The station may be supplemented by volunteer staffing. Other response units, including additional EMS units, may be added in the future as resource allocation is continually evaluated and needs arise.

Fire Station #22’s first due area will cover over 20 square miles, which include residences, commercial properties, and schools in Clopper Village and Kingsview Village, as well as the recreation facilities at South Germantown Recreation Park.