MCFRS News Release

Cold Weather is Here - Area Fire Departments Are Busy

Discard Fireplace Ashes in a Metal Container Away From the House and Keep Clutter Away From Heat Sources

The cold temperatures are here.  More fires seem to occur around this time of the year as the result of combustibles too close to a heat sources, malfunction in chimney flues, improperly placed fireplace ashes, malfunctioning heating systems and/or associated electrical overloads.  During the upcoming months, home heating systems and heating equipment continue to be significant factor in structural fires in Montgomery County.  Many of these fires can be prevented. The following fire safety tips and information can help you maintain a fire safe home and business this winter.


Wood stoves and fireplaces are becoming a very common heat source in homes. Careful attention to safety can minimize a fire related emergency. To use them safely: 


 It’s important that you have your furnace inspected to insure that it is in good working condition.

OTHER FIRE SAFETY TIPS