MCFRS News Release

Fire Safety Tips During Power Outages

Rockville, Maryland - - -  Severe weather can strike quickly and without warning. When your power is out, you need to take extra precautions to make sure that everyone stays safe. Be sure to check on elderly relatives and neighbors during periods of hot weather and power outages. Below please find some tips on staying safe:
Shut Your Stove Off


Smoke Alarms

Plan Your Escape

Candle Caution

Safety Around Power Lines

It is important to remember that wires installed on utility poles carry electricity. When wires are down, they are dangerous -- electricity can still flow through them. Always  assume that a downed power line is energized and is dangerous.

Be Prepared

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service urges residents to have an emergency plan that includes a disaster supply kit. This kit should include enough water, non-perishable and canned food, and emergency supplies (flashlights, batteries, first-aid supplies, prescription medicines and a digital thermometer) to last for at least 3 days. Use battery-powered flashlights and lanterns, rather than candles to minimize the risk of fire.

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After Severe Weather

Replenish your supplies of batteries, bottled water and non- perishable food items in preparation for future storms.