MCFRS News Release

Glen Echo Fire Department to Provide Advanced Life Support

Rockville, Maryland - - -  Montgomery County Fire Chief Richard Bowers, along with the Glen Echo Fire Department Volunteer Chief Herb Leusch, are pleased to announce that the Glen Echo Fire Department has expanded its rescue capability and will soon be providing Bethesda residents with an enhanced level of care through the addition of Advanced Life Support (ALS) care. 

Generally, first responders and EMTs provide basic life support (BLS), which involves medical treatment not including invasive procedures or the administration of medication. Paramedics provide advanced life support (ALS), a higher degree of medical service including the administration of medications, intravenous fluids, and various monitoring functions and invasive procedures. Expanding from BLS first response service to ALS first response service is a significant step towards providing a higher level of service to the community. 

Providing a high level of public safety comes at considerable cost with the acquisition of equipment, extensive training requirements, medications and other supplies currently budgeted at $100,000. The vision of the Fire Chief, the Fire Board and the Glen Echo Fire Department to provide critical, and often life-saving pre-hospital care, has been instrumental in delivering the best possible service to the community. Through the considerable efforts of their dedicated volunteer force and community donations, the Glen Echo Fire Department will soon add ALS service to the extensive list of services provided to residents.