MCFRS News Release

Prepare Your Home for Power Restoration

Rockville, MD - - -  Fire officials are reminding residents coping with power outages to make sure their homes are ready to safely receive electricity once power has been restored. Residents should ensure there are no flammable items on or near the stove, turn off any major appliances that were operating when the power went out (i.e., ovens, stoves, dryers, etc.) and to turn off items such as computers, irons or space heaters that may have been in use prior to the outage. Turn off as many appliances as possible that require electricity and turn them on one by one after power is restored. This will cause less stress to the power system and prevent or minimize damage to sensitive equipment when power is restored. Residents may want to leave a porch light on so they will know when power is restored.

Generators - take extra precaution when using generators as a source of backup power and be sure it runs with proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Never operate a generator indoors, not even in a garage. Follow all manufacturers' instructions for installation to ensure its safe use.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives – it is essential that every home have working smoke alarms. Test your smoke alarms to ensure the battery is working. This is the time to practice a home fire drill with your family. If you haven’t practiced, then you’re not prepared.  Need a smoke alarm? Call 3-1-1 for information.

Be a Good Neighbor – be sure to check on elderly, disabled or special needs neighbors or family members who chose to stay in their homes to see if they have the needed resources to stay safe in extreme temperatures.