MCFRS News Release

Fireworks Safety News Conference and Demonstration

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Public Safety Training Academy
9710 Great Seneca Highway

Rockville, MD. 20850 
10:00 a.m.

Rockville - - - Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Chief Richard Bowers, along with other Fire Chief’s from across the region, will conduct a fireworks safety news conference and safety demonstration this Thursday at 10 AM.

The event will provide the media an opportunity to view legal and illegal fireworks. Area Fire Chief’s and Fire Marshals will be on hand to address the dangers associated with the use of illegal fireworks, and to show how fireworks are mishandled and improperly used.  Fire officials from throughout the region will be available for comment and to answer any questions after the demonstration.

You Light It… We’ll Write It!

Alarmed by an increase in the use of illegal fireworks, fire officials from across the region launched an effort last year to inform the public about fireworks safety and put in place an aggressive enforcement plan for the Fourth of July.  This year will be no different.

You Light It…We’ll Write It!, is a campaign targeting individuals who use illegal fireworks. Regionally, fire marshals and law enforcement officials will be joining forces in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia enforcing these laws.

As a reminder: ALL fireworks are ILLEGAL in Montgomery County!

Notes to the Media:  Post-event interviews and photo ops will be available immediately following the event.   The Montgomery County Bomb Squad will be on hand to conduct a live demonstration of the dangers of fire works.  Several explosive fire work devices will be shot off. Lots of good visuals!