MCFRS News Release

What You Need to Know About Fireworks

Fireworks are not only dangerous, but ILLEGAL

Rockville - - - Montgomery County Fire Chief Richard Bowers is reminding residents to celebrate wisely over the holiday weekend and that the County will be continuing its ‘zero tolerance’ policy regarding illegal fireworks.

In an effort to stress the seriousness posed by the use of dangerous and illegal fireworks, Fire Officials from across the region launched a comprehensive effort last year to inform the public about illegal fireworks and once again have an aggressive enforcement plan in place for the Fourth of July. The “Illegal Fireworks . . . If You Light It, We’ll Write It” campaign is in full force and is targeting individuals using illegal fireworks. Fire officials in Montgomery County are reminding residents that ALL fireworks in Montgomery County are illegal and will again adhere to a strict “no tolerance” policy on fireworks.

Here’s what you should know:

The Law:
It is illegal for any person to manufacture, possess, store, offer for sale, sell, discharge, use, burn or explode any fireworks in Montgomery County, Maryland, except that an authorized display may be conducted by a licensed pyrotechnic professional with a permit. Penalties for violations of the law include a fine up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail. All fireworks are illegal in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and the City of Baltimore. Montgomery County Fire Safety Code: Section 22-70: Fireworks.

What Fireworks are legal?
In Montgomery County, ALL fireworks are illegal to possess or discharge including gold label sparklers. Snap-and-pop noise makers, snakes and party poppers are the only exception to this law.

Can I receive fireworks at my home through the mail?
No. Use of the mail for the transportation of fireworks for use in the State of Maryland is illegal.

Can I have a private fireworks display at my residence with proper permits?
No. You can not have a private display; however, you can apply to have a public display with proper permits and insurance.

Can I receive fireworks at my residence delivered by a public carrier?
No. It doesn’t matter where the fireworks are purchased or how they are brought into Maryland. Fireworks are still illegal in Montgomery County.

Where do I report firework violations?
Residents are urged to call 301-279-8000 to report firework violations. Additionally, fire department and law enforcement agencies will be strictly enforcing the law.

Where can I go in Montgomery County to see the fireworks?
The Fire Chief and safety experts agree that the best way to celebrate is to enjoy one of the many free, public fireworks displays in the area on July 4th. Public fireworks displays, conducted by trained professionals, are the smartest and safest way to view fireworks because they are established under controlled settings and safety regulations and monitored by public safety organizations. Area July 4th displays include: