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February 14, 2014

MCFRS News Release

Ice and Snow Take it Slow

More Winter Weather Ahead

Montgomery County, MD - -  Fire and Rescue officials are reminding residents coping with power outages to make sure their homes are ready to safely receive electricity once power has been restored. Residents should ensure there are no flammable items on or near the stove, turn off any major appliances that were operating when the power went out (i.e., ovens, stoves, dryers, etc.) and to turn off or unplug items such as computers, irons or space heaters that may have been in use prior to the outage. Turn off as many appliances as possible that require electricity and turn them on, one by one, after power is restored. This will cause less stress to the power system and prevent or minimize damage to sensitive equipment when power is restored. Residents may want to leave a porch light on so they will know when power is restored.
Additionally, Fire Chief Steve Lohr is asking residents to please check on any elderly, disabled or special needs neighbors who may need a helping hand and to continue to clear snow from fire hydrants. This season’s record-breaking snow accumulation, combined with the after-effects of plowing roads and parking lots, have left many fire hydrants partially or completely buried in snow. By keeping fire hydrants clear of snow, the public can help firefighters easily locate them and access water quickly. Other important safety reminders: