Vacation Fire Safety

Getting ready to go out of town? Holidays and the summer months are not the time to take a vacation from fire safety. Be sure to check your home before leaving to minimize the risk of fire while you are away and review these important safety tips:

Your Home

If you are staying in a hotel/motel

When you are traveling away from home and staying in a hotel or motel, it is important to know what actions to take in the event of a fire. While hotel fires account for only a small number of fire fatalities, they present a unique fire risk. Fire can spread quickly in hotels and guests are typically in unfamiliar surroundings. While sprinklers, smoke alarms and fire walls are required in many parts of the world, do not assume that all hotels will have the same safety features you may be accustomed to. The more you know in advance about dealing with a fire emergency, the better your chances for survival.

If the alarm does sound:

Every fire is different. While these guidelines may help you survive a fire, there are situations where you will need to do things differently. Taking the time to prepare in advance can save your life.