Parents and Teen Driving Agreement

1. Before your teen gets in the car with another teen

Questions to ask:
Who is the driver?
How old is the driver?
How long has s/he been driving?
What make of car will s/he drive?
How long has s/he been driving the car your child will ride in?
Is the route the driver is taking to the destination the safest one?
Reminder to give:
Call if you think you'll be late.
Don't rush to make curfew.
Don't get in a car if you feel the driver is unsafe.
Call a trusted adult for a ride back home.
A car accident is the #1 cause of death for teens.
The driver does not have to be drunk or drugged to have an accident - inexperience and immaturity play a huge role.

2. Before you let your teen drive others

3. Recognizing safe drivers

Remember: The legal driving age is 18. You don't have to let your teen drive if s/he isn't ready!
(Tips based on science and compiled by Arturo Betancourt, MD, bereaved father of Alicia)

4. Selected Resources for Additional Information on Teen Driver Safety