Group Insurance Rates Comparison Estimator For Active Employees
  Comparing Your 2013 and 2014 Group Insurance Rates
For Active Employees
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1. Enter the information (A and B) below if you are interested in Optional Life insurance.
2. Enter all of your current 2013 plans (displayed on your pay slip) in the "Current 2013 Election" column.
3. Enter all of the plans you are thinking about electing for 2014 in the "Possible 2014 Election" column.
4. Click the Calculate button.

IMPORTANT: If you experience a change in age or salary during a plan year, this may affect your Optional Life insurance rate since it is based on age and salary. Also, note that Optional Life insurance ends at age 70.
A. What is your annual salary? $ per year
B. Your age in 2013:    Your age in 2014:                                    
Type Plan Option  Pay Slip Code  Current
2013 Election
2014 Election
Medical CareFirst BCBS Point of Service High Option BCBS HI
CareFirst BCBS Point of Service Standard Option     BCBS STD
United Healthcare UH HMO
Kaiser Permanente (Includes Kaiser Rx coverage) Kaiser
Prescription   Caremark High Option Rx $4/$8 * RX 4_8
Caremark High Option Rx $5/$10 ** RX 5_10
Caremark Standard Option RX STD
Dental United Concordia Dental PPO (Traditional Plan) UC PPO
United Concordia Dental HMO (DHMO) UC DMO
Vision NVA Vision Plan Vision
Employee Optional Life *** Optional Life
Dependent Life **** Dep Life
**  FOP/Unrepresented
***  The maximum coverage amount is $400,000 for 2013 or $1,000,000 for 2014.
****  Level 1: $2,000–spouse, $1,000–child 6 months to 21 yrs, $100–child under 6 months
Level 2: $4,000–spouse, $2,000–child 6 months to 21 yrs, $100–child under 6 months
Level 3: $10,000–spouse, $5,000–child 6 months to 21 yrs, $100–child under 6 months

This tool helps you estimate the difference you would pay based on the group insurance plans you elect for 2014 compared to 2013. Please note that you cannot elect or change plans through the use of this tool. Also, this estimator does not include any Flexible Spending Account (FSA) amount you elect. (Note: FSA biweekly amounts can be determined by dividing the annual amount you elect by 26 pay periods.) If you cover a domestic partner and/or a domestic partner's child, the rates displayed do not include imputed income (refer to the Group Insurance Summary Description for more information). This estimator applies to active, eligible employees of the County. It does not apply to employees who are temporary or retired. It also does not apply to employees of participating agencies.