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The 2012 Civil Rights Educational Freedom Tour, April 2-7, 2012

                                               Tour Itinerary and Registration Form


Join us on a fun filled and educational tour traveling south to visit the birth place of the Civil Rights Movement. We’ll retrace the Freedom Trail and learn  about Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Voters Rights and other significant events of the Civil Rights Movement. Come and travel on a state-of-the-art bus with internet access, movies, and snacks as part of the educational experience. Don’t be the one to miss this trip…  



Departure Time & Location: 6:15 AM  -  21 Maryland Ave., Rockville MD 20850



2012 Maryland MLK Educational Freedom Tour Packages


Quad Package, $495.00 per person (4 to a room)

Triple Package, $535.00 per person (3 to a room)

Double Package, $602.00 per person (2 to a room)

Single Package, $725.00 per person (1 to a room)



Payment Schedule:

1st Payment 50% due – February 4, 2012 (Payments are still being accepted- Sign up Now!)

2nd Payment Balance due – March 4, 2012


Interested individuals and groups are asked to contact the

Montgomery County Office of Human Rights to reserve space.



CONTACT: Beverly Marshall

PHONE: (240) 777-8490

EMAIL: Human-Rights.Administration@montgomerycountymd 






Greensboro ~ Atlanta ~ Selma ~ Tuskegee ~ Montgomery ~ Birmingham ~ Memphis ~ Cincinnati



APRIL 2, 2012- April 7, 2012






The making of American history has occurred in every corner of this country having enormous impact on the world we live in today. One of the most tumultuous time of our recent history occurred as part of a great movement of social conscious that swept across the United
States during the mid 1950s and 1960’s. It was the Movement for Civil Rights and equality in this country. It occurred in places like Greensboro, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Selma and Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama, and places like Memphis, Tennessee and other places throughout the south. The movement was men and women of every race and many religious and backgrounds all committed to create a free and just America.  


We invite you to relive and become a part of this era by coming along on this historic bus trip to retrace the steps of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, the “Sit Ins” in Woolworth Department Stores, Reverend Fred Shuttleworth and the courageous children of Birmingham memorialized in Kelly Ingram Park, Bloody Sunday and the march across the Edmond Pettus Bridge in the quest for voters rights, the march from Selma to Montgomery, the famed and decorated Tuskegee Airmen, the life changing science of Dr. George Washington Carver and the traumatic events at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis and all along the way we will see the involvement and contribution of heroes and heroines who made the movement live on. This is a life changing tour for all and a must have experience for individuals and families a like.



Quoted Responses:


“This Tour Was The Most Informative and Inspiring Trip I've Ever Taken.”

“I have never experienced a trip that tapped into so many of my emotions.”

“We learned a great deal and had fun also.”

“The Educational experience alone was well worth the trip.”

“This Tour was well planned and executed, I enjoy it immensely.”

“This was the most historically enriching and emotionally fulfilling experience of my life”








International Civil Rights Center and Museum


Martin Luther King, Jr. Birth Home Museum


Martin Luther King, Center


Tuskegee Airfield & National Museum


Historic Tuskegee Institute


George Washington Carver Museum


Booker T. Washington Museum


The Renowned National Voting Rights Museum


Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge


The Rosa Parks Museum


Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial


Dexter Avenue Baptist Church


Brown Chapel AME Church


The Famed Sixteenth Street Baptist Church


The Birmingham Civil Rights Museum


Kelly Ingram Memorial Park


The Awesome Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame


National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel


National Underground Railroad Freedom Center






Please be advised to eliminate and/or avoid last minute confusion and to offer you more flexibility in planning, please know that the Tour Committee is pleased to announce that an official Cancellation Refund Policy has now been established, i.e.,


      cheerfully refunded at 100%





Monday, April 2, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Greensboro and Atlanta

5:00 AM Loading, 21 Maryland Ave., Rockville, Maryland

6:15 AM Buses Depart Rockville, Maryland

6:30 AM Courtesy Breakfast McDonald Rockville Pike

12:00 PM Lunch (Rolling Stop)

2:30 PM International Civil Rights Center

6:30 PM Rolling Dinner (On Your Own)  

10:30 PM Arrive Fairfield Inn, 1255 Walker Ave., East Point, Ga.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Atlanta and Tuskegee

6:00 AM Wake Up Call/ Breakfast

7:15 AM Departure (Bus leaves)

8:45 AM Buses Arrive Atlanta, Georgia

9:00 AM Tour MLK Tomb, MLK National Museum Site & MLK Birth Place

11:00 AM Board Buses for Tuskegee, Lunch Stop @ McDonald's

12:00 PM Buses Depart Atlanta for Tuskegee


Time change Georgia-Alabama Broader Set Watches Back 1 Hour

1:30 PM Buses Arrive Tuskegee, Alabama

2:00 PM Tour Tuskegee Airmen Museum

3:15 PM Departure (Buses Leave)

3:30 PM Tour George Washington Carver Museum

4:30 PM Depart for Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center

5:30 PM Depart for Tuskegee University

5:45 PM Tour Booker T. Washington Monument & Tuskegee Campus

6:30 PM Dinner, Kellogg Conference Center Hotel, Tuskegee Univ.

7:45 PM Departure (Buses Leave)

8:00 PM Check In, Montgomery Courtyard by Marriott

8:30 PM Debrief 


Wednesday, April 4, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Montgomery, Alabama

7:00 AM Wake Up Call

7:45 AM Hotel Breakfast ($12.05 + tax)

8:30 AM Departure (Buses Leave)

9:00 AM Tour Rosa Parks Museum

10:30 AM Departure (Buses Leave)

11:00 AM Tour Southern Poverty Center Civil Rights Memorial

12:00 PM Tour Home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

1:00 PM Departure (Buses Leave)

1:30 PM Lunch (On Your Own)

2:00 PM Buses Depart for Selma, Alabama


Wednesday, April 4, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Selma, Alabama

3:15 PM Tour National Voting Rights Museum –

4:15 PM Tour Selma Alabama

4:45 PM Walk across Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge

5:30 PM Buses Depart For Montgomery

6:30 PM Brotherhood Dinner, Martha's Restaurant 

8:00 PM Return Back To Hotel

8:30 PM Debrief 

9:00 PM Maryland MLK Tour Youth/Adult Talent Show


Thursday, April 5, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Birmingham, Alabama

6:00 AM Wake Up Call

6:30 AM Hotel Breakfast (Available for $12.05 + tax)

7:30 AM Depart For Birmingham, Alabama

9:30 AM Arrive Birmingham, Alabama

10:00 AM Tour Famed Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

11:30 AM Tour Birmingham Civil Rights Museum

1:00 PM Walk Through Kelly Ingram Park

1:45 PM Buses Depart Downtown Birmingham for Memphis

2:15 PM Lunch Stop, Courtesy Glory Family Dinning, Fairfield, Alabama

3:15 PM Departure (Buses Leave for Tenn.)

6:00 PM Buses Arrive in Memphis, Tennessee

6:15 PM Check In - Fairfield Inn, 7044 Hacks Cross Road, Olive Branch, Miss.

7:30 PM Dinner - Beale Street Freelance Tour (Have Fun! – On Your Own)

11:00 PM Bus Returns to Hotel


Friday, April 6, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Memphis, Tennessee

6:30 AM Wake Up Call (Put on Your Tour Tee Shirt)

7:00 AM Breakfast Hotel Courtesy Breakfast

8:15 AM Buses Depart For Downtown Memphis

9:30 AM Tour National Civil Rights Museum (Lorraine Motel)

12:30 PM Buses Depart Memphis for Cincinnati, Ohio


Friday, April 6, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Cincinnati

1:15 PM Highway Lunch Stop – On Your Own

6:30 PM Highway Dinner Stop – On Your Own

9:00 PM Cincinnati Airport Marriott Courtyard


Saturday, April 7, 2012 ~ ~ ~ Arrive Home

7:00 AM Wake Up Call

7:30 AM Breakfast in Hotel ($9-12.50+ tax) 

8:30 AM Depart for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Tour NURFC

1:00  PM Depart for Rockville, Maryland

1:30 PM Rolling Lunch

6:00 PM Rolling Dinner

10:00 PM Buses Arrive In Rockville, Maryland


For More Information: 


CONTACT: Office of Human Rights                              

ADDRESS: 21 Maryland Ave., Suite 330, Rockville MD  20850
PHONE: (240) 777- 8450

EMAIL: Human-Rights.Administration@montgomerycountymd.gov




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