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Researching and Starting your Business in Montgomery County

Need help with your business plan?

In addition to the resources above:

What should I know about federal taxes?

About Employer ID Numbers (EINs) from the Internal Revenue Service
Small Business/Sefl-Employed Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop (IRS Web site)
Industries/Professions Tax Center (IRS Web site)
Apply for an Employer ID Number online

State of Maryland Taxes

Pay Maryland Business Taxes online

Montgomery County Taxes

What Permits and Licenses does my business need?

Permits and Licenses issued by Montgomery County

Other local Permits and Licenses

If your business is located in an incorporated city or town, please check with your local municipality to see what permits and licences it may require.

Permit and Licensing Tips

How can I find a small-business friendly lawyer or accountant?

To find a small-business friendly lawyer or accountant, check with your local Chamber of Commerce. Also, ask other business owners for referrals!

What is Procurement?

"Procurement" is a method of generating business revenues by entering into contracts (for goods or services) with a government agency or large organization.

A business involved in procurement can either

Learn more about procurement with Montgomery County, the Federal government, and the private sector



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