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EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT | 100 Edison Park Drive, Suite 1S31 | Gaithersburg, MD 20878
240-777-2300 (voice) | 240-777-2345 (fax)

Utility Disruption

Snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and numerous other hazards can lead to a disrutpion in utilities. When preparing for hazards that may affect Montgomery County, it's important to know how those hazards may disrupt power, water, and gas service.


Water Disruption

Emergencies such as hurricanes or water main breaks may lead to water disruption. Prepare for a possible disruption by taking the following steps:


Power Disruption
Strong winds or heavy snow can lead to power outages throughout the county. Prepare for a disuption by taking the following steps:

Gas Disruption



Listen to the radio or sign up for Alert Montgomery to receive updates about major water disruptions.


For more information:


Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Emergency Information







PEPCO Emergency Information 







 Washington Gas Emergency Information






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