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   Newsletter vol.2 | March.12, 2004 Back to Go Montgomery | Archive 

Go Montgomery Transportation Updates

Go Montgomery! to Purchase Hybrid Electric Buses — back to top
Air pollution, from transportation and other sources, is a major problem in the Washington region. Now, Montgomery County is doing even more to reduce emissions with a recently released Air Quality Protection Strategy that establishes eight priorities for improving air quality. Just one of the improvements we’ll be making is adding five hybrid electric buses to our expanding fleet of compressed natural gas and ethanol powered buses, trucks, vans and cars.

New Bus Shelters — back to top
If a proposed agreement is approved, Ride On will get 500 new, customer-friendly bus shelters, with benches, schedule information, and maps. County Executive Duncan proposed an agreement to finally rid the County of its remaining billboards – which have been illegal since 1968. The new agreement is a win-win situation. The County, after 30 years of court battles, will finally see the billboards come down. The billboards’ owner will be allowed to advertise on 80 percent of the new bus shelters they construct and maintain, and will share the revenues with the County. To see a picture of the type of shelters that are planned, and are currently in use in Oakland, California, click here

Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Enforcement Results — back to top
Montgomery, Prince Georges, and Takoma Park police targeted University Boulevard for their second High-Intensity Traffic Enforcement effort to increase traffic and pedestrian safety. Over several hours, they issued 157 citations to motorists and gave five warnings to pedestrians failing to use a crosswalk. Every month, Montgomery County Police will target another road that had at least 50 traffic collisions.

Quince Orchard Road — back to top
This year, the County Executive’s capital budget includes a Go Montgomery! initiative that proposes safety improvements to Quince Orchard Road. These improvements will make it safer for pedestrians and drivers at Quince Orchard High School. The project will improve road safety by changing hills, slopes, and curves in the road. And, a new bikeway will be installed.

Street Sweeping — back to top
Throughout the spring, the Department of Public Works and Transportation will be sweeping your neighborhood streets. Last year, Highway Maintenance picked up 4,200 TONS of salt, sand, and debris. Street sweeping does more than enhance the appearance of your community. It’s an important tool in maintaining the health of the County’s streams and the region’s water quality. If it’s not removed, that debris eventually washes down into storm drains. From there it travels to streams, then to the Anacostia, Paxtuxent, or Potomac Rivers, and eventually the Chesapeake Bay – adding to pollution problems.

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Last edited: 10/14/2004