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Newsletter | October, 2007 Back to Go Montgomery | Archive

Construction Project Updates back to top

Montgomery County 's Department of Transportation is soliciting public comment on two alternative bicycle lane design concepts for Cedar Street between Bonifant Street and Wayne Avenue in Silver Spring . Comments are due to patricia.shepherd@montgomerycountymd.gov on Friday, November 14. More information about the designs is available on the County's website (pdf).

MCDOT Repairs and Resurfaces Neighborhood Streets and Sidewalks back to top

MCDOT's Division of Highway Services (DHS) continues its seasonal road maintenance program. DHS is responsible for maintaining over 4,800 lane-miles of streets in Montgomery County . During the warmer weather months, the crews focus on repair and resurfacing. Resurfacing roads extends their usefulness, protects the road base and sub-base, seals small cracks, and levels minor imperfections.

DHS notifies residents in neighborhoods before resurfacing begins. Some areas of the county recently receiving improvements include: Emory Grove Road , Founders Way , Walter Johnson Road , Bowman Mill Road and Cavanaugh Drive .

Curb and sidewalk repairs were also completed in the Carroll Knolls and Homewood neighborhoods.

Ride On Ridership back to top

Montgomery County residents have gotten the message that Ride On is an excellent transportation alternative and ridership continues to break records. The number of passengers in September increased by 8.9 percent over September 2007. The total ridership for the month was 2.7 million people,and the average weekday ridership was 106,574 - the highest in Ride On's history. Between July and September, express/commuter routes such as the 71, 76, 78, 79 and 100 averaged a 30 percent ridership increase compared to the same months in 2007. Ridership so far this fiscal year (which began in July) is up by 7.5 percent over last year at the same time.

High Fuel Costs Result in Continued Temporary Emergency Surcharge for Taxis back to top

The County's temporary $1.50 emergency fuel surcharge on all taxicab rides continues until November 25. Only one surcharge may be collected per ride. The emergency measure provides relief to cab drivers because of continuing high gasoline prices.

Montgomery County 's Department of Transportation (MCDOT) regulates the county's taxicab industry by ensuring that it operates under established standards. MCDOT licenses all taxi vehicles and drivers and regulates taxi rates.

Residents may request more information about the surcharge by calling the Medicaid and Taxicab Regulation Office at 240-777-CABS (2227), or by e-mail.

County Celebrates Walk to School Day at Piney Branch Elementary School back to top

More than 31 schools in Montgomery County celebrated International Walk to School Day on October 8. The official celebration was held at Piney Branch Elementary School in Takoma Park where 500 children, parents, teachers and community members walked to school. Students displayed homemade, colorful banners that promoted safe walking, toured fire trucks and posed for pictures with Sparky the Fire Safety Dog. After the walk, participants gathered in the gym for an assembly on safe walking.

Walk to School Day encourages children and adults to become more physically active by walking together to and from school. Walking reduces traffic congestion, helps slow climate change and promotes good health. All schools in the county are encouraged to organize an event or program, and many schools integrate their participation with their health, science, or social studies curriculum.

Joining the community were: Senator Jamie Raskin; Delegates William Bronrott, Tom Huker, Heather Mizeur and Sheila Hixson; County Councilmembers Nancy Floreen, Valerie Ervin and George Leventhal; Bruce Williams, mayor, Takoma Park; John Colmers, secretary, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; Thomas Hicks, director, State Highway Administration, Office of Traffic Safety; Arthur Holmes, director, Montgomery County Department of Transportation; and Edward Coursey, captain, Takoma Park Police Department. Bertram Generlette , principal of Piney Branch Elementary School , was Master of Ceremonies and student Ben Lickerman gave the opening remarks representing the school's Safety Patrol.

The event was co-sponsored by AAA Mid-Atlantic, FedEx Express, Montgomery County Board of Education; Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services/Public Health Services; Montgomery County Department of Transportation; Piney Branch Elementary School; Montgomery County Public Schools; Priority Partners; Robbi Kimball, Long & Foster; Safe Kids Montgomery County; State Highway Administration - Maryland Safe Routes to School; Takoma Park Police Department; and Takoma Park Safe Routes to School Program.

Tips for Motorists When Encountering Emergency Vehicles back to top

Montgomery County 's Fire and Rescue Service reminds drivers to be aware of approaching emergency vehicles and follow the "Hear Us, See Us, CLEAR for Us" tips to increase safety for everyone. Take the following actions when hearing or seeing an emergency vehicle:

  • Calmly pull parallel to and as close to the nearest curb or road-edge and STOP!
  • Leave room. Keep intersections clear, and never follow emergency vehicles.
  • Enter into traffic with caution after the emergency vehicle has passed, remembering to use signals.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Keep radio volume low and check rear view mirrors frequently.
  • Remain stopped until the emergency vehicle has passed. Be aware that there may be additional emergency vehicles coming.

Community Celebrates Completion of Cape May Road Sidewalk back to top

On October 25, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett joined Action in Montgomery, a faith-based organization, and community members to celebrate the completion of the 3,300-foot Cape May sidewalk. The sidewalk runs from New Hampshire Avenue along Cape May Road and then connects with an existing sidewalk on Good Hope Road . The new walkway provides safe access to transit, shopping, churches and other activities for nearby residents. Previously residents were forced to walk in the road, sharing it with fast moving traffic.

Since the sidewalk is adjacent to a designated Special Protection Area, a more creative, environmentally sensitive design was used. DOT installed a sidewalk made of porous concrete, an innovation that allows water to seep through the walkway and be absorbed into the ground. Conventional concrete is impervious, so water simply runs off. The runoff can stress the environment by dumping pollutants and high volumes of water into nearby creeks and streams. If the porous material proves durable and effective, it may be used in other parts of the county where better management of stormwater runoff is needed.

The sidewalk was completed on October 10 and cost $306,000.

Driver and Pedestrian Tips for a Safe Halloween back to top

Children are four times more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than any other night of the year. Help keep them safe by driving slowly and with extra caution. Watch for children in the street and on medians, and exit driveways and alleys carefully.

Residents can help trick-or-treaters stay safe by removing outdoor items that could become hazards in the dark, such as toys, bicycles and lawn ornaments. Prevent falls and slips by making sure driveways and stairs are cleared of leaves. Replace burned-out or broken light bulbs before Halloween.

Pedestrians are urged to use sidewalks, where available, and cross streets at intersections or crosswalks. Walk on the left side of the road facing traffic if there are no sidewalks. When crossing the street, look left, right, and left again before stepping into the road.

Children and adults can stay safe by being visible. Carry a flashlight, wear reflective items or apply reflective tape or stickers to costumes, bags and sacks. Reflective items are available from the Department of Transportation's Community Outreach Office at mcdot.outreach@montgomerycountymd.gov or by calling 240-777-7155.

Last edited: 10/29/2008