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Tenants Work Group
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Current Issues:

Committee 1 - Tenant Security and Affordability – this committee will study issues that contribute to a sense of tenant instability and make recommendations to address them. They will also research best practices around the nation which contribute to affordability in rental housing.

Categories to be addressed by this committee:

Renter Protection:

  • No protections for renters living in foreclosed homes
  • No-fault evictions
  • No sense of security
  • Retaliatory evictions
  • Harassment
  • Landlords wanting to sell and not notifying renters
  • Eviction and use of courts

Rental Costs:

  • Rent increases
  • Extra fees for month-to-month leases
  • High cost of utilities
  • How utilities are divided
  • Energy conservation
  • Cost of cable
  • Cable regulation and choice
  • Security deposits

Regulatory Issues:

  • Condo Conversions


  • Lack of affordable housing and reductions in government programs
  • Economic viability of owning rental units
  • Pathways to ownership

Committee 2 – Code Update and Enforcement – this committee will review current State and County Code (occupancy, building and landlord/tenant) for relevancy and make recommendations for amendments as needed. They will also review code enforcement practices and make recommendations for improvements if needed.

Categories to be addressed by this committee:

Regulatory Issues:

  • Code enforcement
  • Conflict resolution – mediation between landlords and tenants
  • Safety
  • Lack of codified tenant rights
  • Local, state, federal laws
  • Absentee landlords
  • Parking
  • HOC allocations
  • Discrimination
  • Condo conversions
  • Occupancy standards

Committee 3 – Landlord-Tenant Communication and Ongoing Tenant Advocacy – this committee will consider best practices for landlord tenant engagement in mutually beneficial and respectful discussions of issues of mutual interest. They will also research successful models of engagement in the County and other communities. The committee will make recommendations regarding ongoing tenant advocacy structures and landlord tenant communication mechanisms.

Categories to be addressed by this committee:


  • Communication between landlords and tenants
  • Communication with the County
  • Understanding landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • Language barriers
  • Understanding details of leases
  • Cultural sensitivity


  • Challenges to tenants associations and organizing tenants

Committee 4 – Seniors and Special Needs - TBD

Committee 5 – Outreach and Education It was suggested that this committee research existing local tenant information materials and those from other communities and recommend effective public education materials. They may also plan and implement outreach activities to target specific populations to assure that these perspectives are considered as the full work group makes recommendations.


Last edited: 6/14/2010