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Offices of the County Executive  


Our Commitment

Customer service is the responsibility of every staff member in the Offices of the County Executive. 

We consider each customerís satisfaction as our responsibility.  A customer is not an interruption to our work, but rather the purpose of our work.  We recognize that whenever we interact with a customer, either through a phone call, letter, e-mail, or meeting, an impression is made.  Our customers range from residents and visitors to business people, and to those working in Montgomery County or attending an event here.  Other County employees, volunteers, such as members of Boards and Commissions, and consultants are also our customers. 

Goal and Vision

The value of customer service cannot be overstated - it is the reason for the very existence of the County government.  The goal is for all of our customers to receive quality service that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Our customers have the right to respect, honesty, empathy, competency, attention, and appropriate assistance regardless of their race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, family responsibilities, presence of children, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or source of income.  If it is not possible to satisfy a customerís concerns, employees are responsible for communicating to the customer what Countyís authority is to address the customerís request (e.g., what is legally possible).  To this end, the Offices of the County Executive will adopt a first response standard, as well as follow-up standards, if necessary.


The adopted customer service standards will be communicated to all employees, at all levels of the department, and to customers.  Employees will be trained in the core competencies in customer service skills and will be evaluated on these competencies. 

Customer service training activities will be ongoing.  Staff will be provided with the equipment and technology to effectively respond to customer inquiries.  Employees will be trained to understand the organizational structure of their work division and department to facilitate assistance to customers.  With regard to problems or complaints, if it is not possible to resolve a customerís issue, employees will ensure that the matter is appropriately forwarded to an individual or entity with the authority to provide the information or resolve the complaint.  Staff will be able to readily accommodate, assist or facilitate assistance for people who are physically or mentally challenged or who are non-English speakers.  Staff will not be required to tolerate abusive or violent behaviors at any time.  In all cases, confidentiality will be observed.


     A.  Standards for the Telephone

     B.  Standards for Written Communication

     C.  Standards for ďWalk-InĒ Customers

     D.  Standards for Meetings and Open Houses

     E.  Teamwork/Internal Customer Service

     F.  Continuous Improvement




Last edited: 2/9/2007