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 Fire & Rescue Training Academy

Division of Risk Reduction and Training Services

Montgomery County, MD. Fire & Rescue Service

9710 Great Seneca Highway

Rockville, MD. 20850



Asst. Chief Mike Clemens

District Chief Mike Clemens

"Dedication To Education"

Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Fire and Rescue Training Academy is to provide, coordinate and support the County's current and projected training and educational initiatives in an effort to maintain or improve all aspects of organizational effectiveness.






Courses, Schedules & Distance Learning

  • Fire & Rescue Training Courses
    • Firefighter I
    • Firefighter  II
    • Pumps & Hydraulics
    • Aerial Apparatus Operator
    • Rescue Tech
    • Managment Courses
    • PEAF
    • Hazardous Materials for FR




  • EMT Training Courses
    • EMT Initial
    • EMT Recertification
    • ITLS for EMT-B's
      • formerly known as BTLS
    • CPR Instructor Course




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MCFRS On-Line Training Registration System

All MCFRS Career personnel must use the On-Line Training Registration System (OTRS) to register for classes offered by and at the Montgomery County Public Fire & Rescue Training Academy (MCFRTA).  Access to OTRS will be provided through a single sign-on web page at https://ext01.montgomerycountymd.gov/ent/s2/otrs/.   

LFRD Training Coordinators will sign up all LFRD personnel for (PSTA) classes, including all ALS licensed providers..

 Registration Forms (MCVFRS Training Officer Personnel ONLY)

 Non-MCFRS personnel wishing to apply for a training course being offered by the MCFRTA must contact the Training Academy by phone at 301-279-1785 or by e-mail: 

For Fire/Rescue Courses contact Capt. Audrey Deputy 


For EMS/ALS Courses contact Capt. Lee R. Silverman  


For Driver Training Courses contact Capt. Derrell Walker 


 Training AcademyTranscript Release Form

(click to download)   



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Training Academy Facility



The Public Safety Training Academy was constructed in the early 1970's to serve the training needs of all County Public Safety Agencies, including the Fire and Rescue Service and the Montgomery County Department of Police. The facility is one of the most active public safety training facilities in the region. In 2007 the Multi-Agency Driver Training Facilty was completed. This new building is used by Fire/Rescue, County Police and Ride-On.

PSTA-Burn Building with new E727 


Burn Building with E-727 (Crimson)

       Observation Tower



Command Post 727

Command Post 727

2003 LDV/Freightliner


Photo of NFPA 1710 Building

Training Building used for NFPA 1710 Study



Photo of Command Development Training Center

Command Development Training Center



Photo of Driver Training Bldg.

9710 B Great Seneca Highway

Multi-Agency Driver Training Building


Photo of Flash Over Can

Flash-Over Can


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Program Description:

    Training courses are provided in six areas; volunteer orientation classes, entry level firefighting, Emergency Medical Technician training, Advanced Life Support (EMT-Intermediate/Paramedic) training, career development courses that train personnel to operate at increasing levels of responsibility, command officer professional development and improvement (COPDI) and a weekly standardized training program (STP) for the field. Additionally, regular in-service training is conducted twice weekly for field personnel to evaluate company readiness. 

    In order to accomplish the mandates of the Federal, State and County governments, the training division provides courses that comply with the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System (MIEMSS), the National Fire Protection Standards, Federal, State and County government.


Request to use the MCPSTA Facility

This document is for MCFRS departments or stations that would like to utilize the Fire & Rescue Training Academy for training. 

           Please complete the form and forward to Captain Audrey Deputy



Last edited: 7/15/2013