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Committee on Hate/Violence                                 Know Your Rights Brochure

Commitee on Hate ViolenceThe County Executive must appoint members to the Committee on Hate/Violence, subject to confirmation by the County Council. The Committee consists of 15 voting members and six ex-officio, non-voting members. Each voting member must reside in the County. The voting members must broadly reflect the geographic, economic, and social diversity of the County. At least nine voting members should be identified with ethnic or other groups frequently subjected to acts of hate/violence in the County. At least two voting members should be parents of school-age children. At least one voting member should be identified with the County business community. The County Council, Office of the County Executive, Department of Police, Office of Human Rights, Montgomery County Public Schools, and Montgomery College, should each designate a representative to serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of the Committee. Each voting member serves a three-year term. A voting member must not serve more than two consecutive full terms. A member appointed to fill a vacancy serves the rest of the term. Members continue in office until their successors are appointed and qualified. Voting members receive no compensation for their services.

The duties of the Hate/Violence Committee are to develop and distribute information about hate/violence, promote educational activities that demonstrate the positive value of ethnic and social diversity; advise the County Council, the County Executive, and County agencies about hate/violence in the County, and recommend such policies, programs, legislation, or regulations as it finds necessary to reduce the incidences of acts of hate/violence.

  2011 Office Bearers for the Committee on Hate Violence  (terms starting Feb 2011)  

David Vignolo, Chairman
Larry Smucker, Secretary
Fatou Gayle-Coulibaly, Member
Nicholas Crouch, Member
Sartaj Singh Dhami, Member
Susan Kerin, Member

Lorraine Lee, Member
Ruth Magin, Member
Bonnie Malkin, Member
Namatie Mansaray, Member
Thomas Nephew, Member

  Non-Voting Members  
  Tim Warner
Anis Ahmed
Jean C. Arthur
David R. Baker
Michelle Scott
Dr. Gregory Bell
James L. Stowe
Terry Vann
County Executive's Office
Office of Human Rights
County Council
Police Department
Human Rights Commission Liaison
Montgomery College 
Montgomery County Public Schools
Montgomery Office of Human Rights
Human Rights Commission Representative
Last edited: 10/2/2011